Fixes for Glitches

Android File Transfer not working for Samsung phone connected to Mac (or PC)? If you have Samsung Kies or Samsung Smart Switch installed, that’s the problem. Its drivers stop Android File Transfer from being able to connect to your phone. Uninstalling Smart Switch by dragging the app to the trash won’t work; you need to open the installation package (disk image – .dmg – file on Mac) and launch the uninstaller, which will let you remove the drivers as well. It sucks, but this is the only way you’ll be able to use File Transfer. I’m planning to keep it uninstalled, and just install intermittently to back up, then uninstall again.

More on Skype:

Since Microsoft bought Skype, they’ve introduced a lot of new junk features, tried to make it a social media service, and made its basic functions bafflingly difficult to find, let alone use.

If anyone knows how to get rid of “suggested contacts” list, I’d love to know! It’s astonishingly irritating to have this list of people I don’t have in my contacts show up above even my favourite contacts!


Tips on using Skype since Microsoft broke it

During video calls, Skype version 8.12 defaults to having the screen split equally between yourself and the person you’re calling. It’s bizarre, but that’s Skype since Microsoft bought it and tried to turn a video call service into a social network. There are no instructions from Skype on how to fix this, but thanks to eskachig in a Microsoft forum, here’s the equally baffling way to turn off this stupid feature:


Mouse over your own picture, click and drag the picture to the top bar.