A healthier, happier, more connected urban life

I went to a screening of The City Dark as part of a recent UR{BNE} festival. The film was about light pollution and the consequences of losing the night sky over cities. It was very well made, thought-provoking, saddening and inspiring. But also inspiring were the talks about urban planning etc. that came before the film. One was about the Seven Senses Foundation and their work towards building neighbourhoods that residents actively engage in. It’s exciting and splendid stuff. I hope to get involved.

Electricity for the Future (with current technology)

Here’s a nice bit of hope for those of us despairing at how countries like Australia are going backwards on sustainability – Eigg, off the coast of Scotland, is approaching 100% sustainable electricity supply.

Here’s how Australia could easily, economically follow.

Although theirs is a grid system, it also reminds me of this excellent TEDx talk on how off-grid technologies are not only great for sustainability, but also offer great promise in areas where people are going without due to lack of (affordable) infrastructure: