Enrique PeƱalosa: Why buses represent democracy in action

“An advanced city is not one where even the poor use cars, but rather one where even the rich use public transport.”

This is a beautiful and inspiring talk by a mayor who showed the leadership, vision and guts to do what was right in the face of opposition, and has been vindicated through tangible improvements in quality of life. Watch and learn, Cities of Suburban Sprawl!

What matters? How do we measure (and define) progress?

A Manifesto For Wellbeing proposes that governments should be committed to the wellbeing of the societies they represent.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics published its Measures of Australia’s Progress (MAP) in 2011, after community consultation around the theme of “is life getting better?”

And the UK-based New Economics Foundation put out its Wellbeing Manifesto in 2004.