More than just a “stupid people” problem

Excellent article on the rise and rise of anti-intellectualism and belief in a reality without factual basis. It shows how President 45 is not an anomoly, but rather, the natural culmination of a way of thinking that has grown unchecked in the US. And I think it would be foolish for the rest of the world to assume it’s a local phenomenon only.


Aargh! Brainzzzz! So damned complicated…

Intriguing research along the lines of “fake it ’til you make it” (or fake it ’til you become it) has shown that adopting a powerful pose acts physiologically to increase confidence and decrease stress…

… but it seems that’s not the full story. Neither thoughts nor bodies exist (for long, at least) in a vacuum, and it seems context makes a big impact on the effect of “power poses”.

The down-sides mentioned by Dr Van Bavel interweave intriguingly with some other psychological research I’ll have to dig up again, on how wealth, and even perceived wealth, negatively impact on empathy and honesty, apparently through unconscious feelings of entitlement.