It’s not about you

This is a nice little post about marriage and deciding whether or not it’s right. And more broadly, it’s about the nature of a loving relationship. Sometimes it’s good to be reminded of the sorts of things we’re not formally taught, but are essential to living a good life. (What’s that say about our schooling systems?)


Real Australian Nosh

People ask occasionally what is typical Australian food. The answer, if more than a shrug, rarely includes native foods, but a hands-down, heads-off favourite of mine is the Bunya nut. They come in “kegs” (like a giant pine-cone) bigger than a football and that weighs up to 10 kilograms, and are abundant in 3 to 7 year cycles. This year, wonderfully, happens to be one of those bumper years. They come from the Bunya pine (Araucaria bidwillii), which dates back as far as the Jurassic period – long before Australia was its own continent – which might explain a little of how its seeds were once distributed.

P1310953And the nuts are delicious. If you find any around, here are some ideas about how to cook them:

No-fuss Bunya Nut Cookery

Bunya bush tucker

(They can be eaten raw, but cooking adds a great deal of deliciousness)

Update: Here’s a nice little article on how the cultural elements of the bumper bunya nut harvests are returning to the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.