Work: an activity or a place?

Some thoughtfodder on telecommuting. As one commenter points out, many of us waste time and energy (and churn out greenhouse gases) in traffic each day, so that we can sit at a computer similar to the one we have at home. It seems Microsoft does get some things right 😉

And speaking of work, this is your annual reminder that our jobs should be part of our lives – not the goal or definition of our lives. 20 November is Go Home On Time Day!GHOTD

See also these reports from The Australia Institute:

Long time, no see: The impact of time poverty on Australian workers

Businesses urged to focus on work/life balance to boost productivity

And this is a fabulous TED talk about how offices are ridiculously bad working environments:

This article talks more about open-plan offices, in particular, which perform spectacularly badly at all the things they were designed to do better.


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